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4-H Arts Showcase

The 4-H Arts Showcase is sponsored by the National Association of Extension 4-H Youth Development Professionals (NAE4-HYDP) Communications & Expressive Arts Working Group. This site offers an online platform for provide a collection teaching resources to help 4-H professionals, volunteers and partners implement meaningful arts experiences into their 4-H educational programs.

As a positive youth development organization, 4-H strives to provide research-based curricula and resources for youth programming. The Communication & Expressive Arts Working Group works to expand this mission through various methods, including Grab-n-Go Lessons and through lessons developed in partnership with other communication and arts organizations. Members of the Communication & Expressive Arts Working Group are 4-H professionals from across the country who work together to promote and enhance program opportunities for youth, volunteers, leaders, and educators in the arts. These members meet regularly through conference calls and at the annual NAE4-HYPD conference. To learn more, please see the C&EA Task Force Plan of Work & Members Directory.

NAE4-HYPD is a 501(c)(6) professional’s organization for those dedicated to promoting, strengthening, enhancing and advocating for the 4-H youth development profession. It is an internationally recognized, non-profit, non-partisan association of professional youth development educators. NAE4-HYPD is one of the largest professional associations for youth development workers with a diverse membership of nearly 3,600 youth development professionals.

To learn more, please contact the Communications & Expressive Arts Task Force at