Visual Art

Custer County, OK

CuCuster County_Heart Worldster County – Arapaho-Butler Jr. 4-H Club

After I introduced the project to the members and showed them the ribbons and explained the theme, I allowed them to break up into groups for 20 minutes and brainstorm ideas for what they wanted to create.  Ultimately, they returned with three major ideas.  They voted as a group and came up with their final idea.  Their original draft was a heart shaped globe with people of all races and colors holding hands.  For this club, almost every member, this is their first time to experience 4-H club.  This is a very multi-cultural club in what has been a historically rural, white community.  It was fascinating to see that when I asked them what they saw when they looked at 4-h and those ribbons, they saw friends of all colors and races coming together without judgment having fun and sharing and this is what they wanted to express.  I hope you see what they saw and that the interpretation shines through.