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Grady County Teen Leader 4-H Club

Grady County_PuzzleGrady County – Teen Leader 4-H Club

When we heard about “What Do You See?” one of the first things that came to mind was the children’s game (usually found in magazines) that had a picture and you had to find specific items in the picture.  So we brainstormed how to make a picture puzzle.  We visited our local Wal-Mart and found lots of fabric with small and not so small pictures of characters, sporting goods, household items and animals.  It also came to mind that most of the images on the fabric could be linked to a 4-H project area, so we decided to include 4-h in out creation as well.

We decided to make a banner because we had a blank banner in the extension office left from out Youth in Action Conference this past fall.  We also knew that the banner could be hung or easily stored.  We also like the idea of working on a flat surface.  We also knew that we could glue or iron fabric to fabric.  We were not sure how to attach ribbon to another medium like plastic or glass.

One 4-Her asked “Can our art be used for anything else…more than just pretty and interesting?”  So we brain stormed again…we could make a list of the items on the banner and actually make it a game for viewers.  We also felt this could be used to group discussion and team building exercise.  The our idea truly formed, we will make a short list, put it on the bottom of the banner so out creation will be truly interactive.  Viewers can spend as much or as little time as they wish to find the ten items listed.

We designed out creation so you have to look at the BIG picture to find 4-h.  Sometimes in our hurried world we only see one of two things but never fully see the entire picture.  Just like 4-h if you only show animals, build robots or make clothing you might miss the beauty of public speaking, shooting sports or food science.  4-H is the big picture!

We included over 35 different images in our creation…how many did you find?