Kallie, McIntosh County

Kallie, McIntosh County

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The song I compiled for my “What Do You See?” submission is called “Yes Today” and was originally a poem written by my late grandfather, Richard Bannerman. He was a gifted writer and had created a tape recording of several of his creations, including “Yes Today.” I decided to rework the song, giving it structure as well as composing chords to go with it so the finished product is now a combined creative effort between me and the Grandpa I never met.  I had a wonderful time putting it all together and felt somewhat connected to him through getting to re-recreate one of his heartfelt songs, although I must admit, reworking a song from beginning to end is almost more difficult than starting from scratch.  I say this mainly because it can quickly become complicated when you are working with a project which must remain true to its original intent – much like adapting a book into a movie.  The creative process was somewhat slow at first, between finding the correct chord progression and meshing the strum pattern with the lyrics, but it really was an enjoyable and nostalgic experience overall. The song speaks of a person finally being set free from a relationship that was taking a turn into rocky waters.  It continues on by saying she may make him cry and break his heart today, but tomorrow, once he finally lets go of her, he would be free and no longer be affected by her actions.  The story is actually one he personally experienced in life and was originally written in 1965, the year my mother was born.  My mom actually helped sing this song on the original tape with my grandfather when she was only about eleven years old.  Therefore, she was able to offer some personal insight which made it possible to bring this song back to life and was definitely much of the inspiration for wanting to take on this project in the first place.   From all I know of my Grandpa, I believe he would be so excited to hear the final version of his song performed by his granddaughter.  I did my best to honor him in every way.