Visual Arts



Developed by the Consortium for National Arts Education Associations, this Visual Arts Curriculum is designed to assist youth in developing artistic skills and talents for a lifetime of use. Focused heavily on the principle of experiential learning, this book features step-by-step guidance through art activities as well as information for art helpers, or teenage and adult artists who can assist youth in their completion of the projects. The curriculum is for middle school youth (grades 6-8 and ages 11-14), but can be adapted to suit both younger and older age groups.

Purchase both curriculum books to maximize learning! Sketchbook Crossroads features three units – Drawing, Fiber Arts, and Sculpture – and contains 23 step-by-step activities in total, including Perspective Drawing, Inkle Loom Weaving, and Sculpting with Cardboard. Portfolio Pathways also includes 3 units – Painting, Printing, and Graphic Design – and features 25 step-by-step activities such as Painting a Self-Portrait, Plexiglas Etching, and Typography. These 70+ page guides are great introductory tools for new artists while also providing new challenges for the more experienced youth.

This curriculum is available for purchase from Shop 4-H.