STEAM Clothing



In STEAM Clothing1: FUNdamentals, youth will gather the tools they’ll need to begin sewing, understand textiles through fun science experiments, learn beginning math and engineering techniques in clothing construction, and take their skills a step further, investigating businesses, service learning projects, and modeling.

In STEAM Clothing 2: Simply Sewing, youth will prepare for more advanced sewing techniques and projects, conduct more advanced textile science experiments, focus on advanced engineering techniques, add finishing touches and style to garments, and market and calculate prices of products.

In STEAM Clothing 3: A Stitch Further, youth will learn the advanced, couture techniques used by designers to create unique garments. Youth will take the science of textiles a step further, and learn to sew garments with challenging patterns and fabrics, couture sewing techniques, and how to sell your professional-looking garments and accessories.

Activities in the Maker’s Guide include step-by-step instructions to draw patterns, cut fabric, and sew simple items. There are helpful pictures and illustrations for each activity to guide youth as they make stuff. The Maker’s Guide accompanies Levels 1 and 2.

In Beyond the Needle, youth will learn all about the ‘A’ in STEAM Clothing — the Art! This youth manual includes activities for three skill levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Youth will learn the design basics and create a portfolio to exhibit samples made to practice specific techniques. Then, youth will be able to create their own fabulous embellishments and treatments on garments.

Grades 3-12. Curriculum authored by The University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

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